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Power quality integrated

With the development of national economy in China, the non-linear, asymmetric and impulsive loads in the power grid are increasing, which will cause the following adverse effects:

1) The reactive power and harmonic current generated by the nonlinear load infiltrates into the power system in large quantity without control for a long time, increasing the loss of the system.

2) The rapid impact load (such as rolling mill, welding machine, large punch, etc.) absorbs reactive power from the power grid while generating voltage fluctuation and flicker to reduce the effective output of the motor, which reduces the product's finished product rate and shortens the service life of the equipment.

3) Unsymmetrical load intensifies the imbalance of the power grid.


In view of the above situation, IN-Power Electric takes the lead in introducing LSVG dynamic filtering compensation device, which combines advanced power electronic technology with traditional filtering compensation method, with the following functions:


1) Harmonic control function

a) 2nd -51st wide range filtering, filtering rate ≥95%

a) Harmonic elimination for neutral line


2) Reactive compensation

a) Bidirectional reactive power output

a) Accurate reactive compensation

c) Target power factor setting

d) Capacitor status monitoring


3) Balance three-phase current

a) Accurately adjust the system three-phase current

b) Reduce the operating current of the neutral line


4) Other functions

a) Energy-saving working mode

b) Time setting

c) Fault self-recovery

d) Function of over-temperature capacity reducing


Technical advantages

1) Unified control

The active filtering unit directly controls the switching of the traditional filtering compensation unit to avoid capacity impact between the two.

2) Diverse combinations

For different working conditions, the active filter can be combined with the common compensation capacitor, the separate